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GREEN4YOU is a brand created by Agrival, a specialist in the manufacture of vegetable-based natural ingredients: vegetable waters, juices and concentrated extracts, powders, fibres and even active ingredients. These ingredients are made from vegetables or plants grown locally in Brittany.



Close to the fields and sea


Agrival is based in Plouénan, northern Finistère, in the heart of a region famous for the production of various crops. Its location allows it to benefit from an immense diversity of unbeatably fresh vegetable raw materials.

Agrival is also very close to the sea, offering extraordinary algae resources and making it possible to offer a range of marine-based products.


A SUBSIDIARY SICA de Saint Pol de Léon


Agrival is a subsidiary of SICA de Saint-Pol-de-Léon, France’s number one producer cooperative for fresh vegetables and horticultural products, ensuring a continuous supply of quality vegetables.


With Agrival, SICA has acquired the research and development skills of an innovative company specialising in plant extraction for the manufacture of natural products. Agrival uses raw materials from SICA farms to extract the very best they offer.

For more information : www.agrival-extract.com

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